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Embryos and Divorce: A Complex Situation to Navigate

Many options are available to couples seeking to raise a child, including, but not limited to, “in vitro” egg fertilization. This has led to the rise of complex issues at the time of divorce and/or breakup.

Skilled Attorneys Can Help Negotiate Embryo Dispute Alternative Solutions

Solutions can be reached with the help of experienced family law attorneys. At Caesar & Bender, LLP, we will attempt to reach an agreement with your spouse and/or partner, or we will advocate for you in court.

The written agreement becomes vital in this situation. Contact us early so that the agreement provides the specificity that will be necessary should there be a conflictual issue, such as separation and/or divorce.

Caesar & Bender, LLP, has extensive knowledge and experience in this area. Molly Caesar and Michael Ian Bender are here to help.

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