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A child custody dispute can be one of the most difficult and trying times for a family. Fortunately, attorneys Molly Caesar and Michael Ian Bender of Caesar & Bender, LLP, possess the knowledge and experience to ensure that you and your family have all services and options available for your children.

Paternity cases involve children born to parents who were not married at the time that the child was born. A parent wishing to establish legal rights regarding a child can initiate a paternity case. Establishing a parent-child relationship, parenting time, and/or the right to receive child support are examples. Parentage must be established before other rights can be addressed. These other rights include parenting time/visitation, decision-making authority, and financial support. Parentage can be established through DNA testing or execution of a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity.

How Is Paternity Legally Established?

In general, a child born to married parents is legally presumed to be the child of that couple. In cases where the parents are not married, a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity executed by both the father and mother is the simplest method for establishing legal paternity. If, however, a party disputes paternity, the court may order a DNA test to make the determination.

Once paternity is legally established, either parent may commence legal proceedings to determine what is generally referred to as custody and visitation.  This process can be very stressful and taxing for both the parents and children involved. It is important to efficiently navigate through this process so that you and your children can move forward to a better place. We are committed to helping you accomplish this effectively.

Representation for Public/High Profile Individuals

Caesar & Bender, LLP understands the concerns of persons with high/public profiles. Attorneys Molly Caesar and Michael Ian Bender are adept at conducting these cases confidentially and discreetly, minimizing any public exposure of your private matters.

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