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Protect the Children You Love Through Child Abuse Prevention

Nothing is more precious than the life of a child. Parents often have hopes and dreams for their children that far exceed their own accomplishments in life. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

At Caesar & Bender, LLP, we fight diligently to eliminate child abuse. This is accomplished in the courtroom and through education. There simply is no excuse for child abuse. We all have an obligation to step forward and protect the best interests of children. Michael Ian Bender, a retired domestic relations judge and current Caesar & Bender, LLP partner, published the book “Protecting Children: Bettering the World One Child at a Time.” His book helps explain to parents the custody/visitation/parenting time court process. Parents across the country have been able to obtain a better understanding of the road ahead, which has brought them some relief. Contact Caesar & Bender, LLP’s Chicago office for a free consultation.

Recognizing Signs of Child Abuse

Many people wonder how to identify child abuse with a child they love. Some of the signs you can look for include:

  • Bruises, especially on the face or in the shape of a handprint
  • Unexplained bone breaks
  • Constant injuries
  • Emotional withdrawal
  • Bedwetting at older ages

If you see these signs, talk about it if it is safe to do so, investigate it, and/or report it to the authorities.

People who abuse have been abused themselves, although there are people who have been abused who do not abuse others. It is important to stop the cycle of violence, which starts, with the elimination of physical punishment.

Hitting a child only teaches them that big people hit little people. It leads to physical injury, as well as deep emotional trauma. Other forms of punishment, such as time outs or taking away toys, are much more effective in correcting behavior.

If you feel anger and or rage coming on, remove yourself from the situation. Never act when feeling that way. After you calm down, address your child’s needs. If you or the other parent are unable and/or unwilling to avoid parenting out of anger, you can contact us to help resolve the situation for the benefit of your children.

Find the Resources You Need

Judge Michael Ian Bender is honored to have served on the bench where he heard and ruled on tens of thousands of family law cases. Now that he is back in private practice, he often serves as a child representative or guardian ad litem in Domestic Relations Court. He uses his extensive experience and drive to help eliminate child abuse one case at a time. Caesar & Bender, LLP can help you find the resources you need to prevent or address these issues.

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