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Speaking For Children In Court

In many cases, the child’s best interests are protected by one or both of the parents. However, in situations where the parents cannot agree on what is truly in the best interest of a child, the court may appoint an experienced family attorney to serve as either a guardian ad litem or child representative. At Caesar & Bender, LLP, we have extensive experience with issues related to children. Protecting the best interests of the child is of the utmost importance to attorneys Molly Caesar and Michael Ian Bender.

What is a Guardian ad litem?

A Guardian ad litem is an attorney appointed by the court to investigate and make recommendations regarding the best interests of minors. Michael Ian Bender possesses extensive experience when it comes to serving as Guardian ad litem, and he is committed to securing custody arrangements that are in the best interests of each child. In his capacity as Guardian ad litem, Michael uniquely considers and makes recommendations to the court that address the distinctive needs of each individual child.

What Is A Child’s Representative and How Is It Different From A Guardian ad litem?

A Guardian ad litem and a Child’s Representative have the same objective in their role in a family law case: providing the court with information that helps it protect the best interests of children. The Child’s Representative and Guardian ad litem, however, have differing functions. A Guardian ad litem, serves as a witness who reports information to the court that the court uses to protect children. The Child’s Representative serves the court as an attorney who advocates for the best interests of minor children. A Child’s Representative offers evidence-based legal arguments to support their recommendations as to what is in the child’s best interests. As opposed to regularly appointed attorneys who must follow the wishes of their clients, child representatives may go against the wishes of the children they are “representing” if they believe it to be in their best interests.

Is A Child Representative Or A Guardian ad litem Better Suited For My Situation?

Ultimately, it is best to consult legal counsel to determine which course of action is better suited to your child custody case. Attorneys Molly Caesar and Michael Ian Bender are especially passionate about children’s rights and welfare and will do everything in their power to make sure children are protected and fairly represented in the Illinois court system.

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