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Looking Out For Children In Family Law Issues

Last updated on June 10, 2021

Whenever a family law issue involves children, the parents, courts and attorneys always want to do what is best for those children. Whether you face questions of custody, child support, or establishing paternity, we know you want to help your child through the coming changes for your family.

We at Caesar & Bender, LLP feel strongly about looking out for the welfare of children in any matter we handle. We have helped hundreds of clients throughout the Chicago area with legal issues related to their children. Our compassionate and personal approach will help your family find answers to the most difficult questions you face.

What Are The Legal Issues That Involve Children?

Many family law matters involve children. The attorneys at Caesar & Bender, LLP have experience with all of the following:

No matter what type of legal help you need regarding your children, we will take the time to explain the legal steps ahead and how to reach the best outcome possible for your family.

Trusted To Protect Children

At Caesar & Bender, LLP, we firmly believe that nothing should take precedence over the welfare of children. Judge Bender (Ret.) has written a book on the topic of child welfare and preventing child abuse titled “Protecting Children: Bettering the World One Child at a Time.” The courts frequently appoint him to represent children in court, either as guardian ad litem or as a child representative. He is passionate about aiding children of divorce, custody, and parentage disputes so that they grow into healthy adults.

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