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Why do people freeze embryos?

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Freezing embryos is not to be confused with freezing eggs. Both are possible, but an embryo is a fertilized egg. This distinction is important because the legal implications between the two as it relates to family law are drastically different.

So, why do people choose to freeze embryos?

There are many reasons, but perhaps the most common is that the person (or couple) wants to preserve the chance to become pregnant at a later date. Another reason is to donate the embryo to someone else, perhaps a couple who cannot have a child on their own. For instance, this is often a method used by LGBTQ+ couples who cannot naturally conceive a child biologically related to both partners, but still hope to have a biological connected to one partner and their child.

Another reason arises when someone has a medical issue and is about to undergo treatment or someone cannot carry the child. They might want to preserve the embryos in order to become pregnant after finishing treatment or so that they can use a surrogate.

Situations become complicated when a couple decides to separate, and they not agree about what should happen with the frozen embryos. In this very niche area of the law, you need to be well aware of your legal rights and of the precedents that have been set by the courts.

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