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Your kid is growing up: Do you need more child support?

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The amount of child support your child can receive isn’t set in stone. The arrangement can be — and often is — modified even after child support has been officially established. That’s good news because there are plenty of reasons why a parent might seek to change the amount of child support. If you’re a custodial parent, you’ll likely want additional child support money if there has been some increase in responsibility for taking care of your child.

Child support payments cover not just the bare necessities of food and clothing but are designed to see that your child gets the same financial upbringing they would have had if both parents were still together. As children get older, their lives become more complex, and their needs change and often grow more numerous. The more their needs change, the more you’ll want to make sure both you and your ex-spouse are both paying fair shares of the child’s upbringing.

The following are some examples of aging-related matters that child support can help cover:

  • Educational fees, textbooks, and other school expenses
  • Academic trips and other extracurricular activities
  • Sports and other athletic pursuits
  • Braces, retainers, wisdom teeth removals, and other dental care
  • Other medical expenses

Be prepared, gather evidence

Adjustments to child support can be short-term or more long-lasting depending on the need. Either way, in order to make the change, you’ll likely need to prove in court that the adjustment is necessary. Anytime you discuss child support, you should be prepared to provide evidence of your changing circumstances. Bring your latest tax forms and pay stubs to show proof of your income, as well as bills to present your expenses. Also have with you official estimates or some other proof of the costs of these new responsibilities, such as educational expenses or braces.

Getting the help you need

Sooner or later, circumstances always change and people need to adapt. Child support adjustments happen in many families. If you are a parent seeking to modify your child support, speak to an experienced and compassionate Chicago family law attorney who can help you and your child receive the fairest treatment possible under Illinois law.

Accomplished Family Law Attorneys In Chicago

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